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Dow Jones Indexes Announces Latest Performance Data for the U.S. Venture Capital Index
The 2010 Q2 results from the Dow Jones Index of Venture Capital, with analysis from Sand Hill and Susan Woodward. Read online

Dow Jones Indexes Launches U.S. Venture Capital Index
Press release of the announcement by Dow Jones about their new venture capital index, developed jointly with Sand Hill Econometrics. Read online

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Pensions & Investments, Online; Private Equity: Investors get less while risking more, reports say
Two researchers, in separate reports, show that not only are investors probably not getting the returns they think they are, but also the investments are more correlated to stocks than previously believed. That, academics say, could play havoc with their asset allocation models. September 2005. (PDF 28 K) Read PDF (NOTE: minor fact checks made after P&I already posted)

GARP Magazine: Measuring Risk of Alternative Assets
Alternative assets present a variety of challenges to risk managers. Indeed,it is difficult to evaluate the risks of these complex instruments,particularly for assets that are illiquid and opaque. But there is hope. Dr. Susan Woodward provides a risk metrics-friendly blueprint for effective alternative assets measurement.
May/June 2005, 4 pp. (PDF 104 K) Read PDF



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